What is mechanism of heat conduction

Mechanism of heat conduction: Heat conduction depends upon the state of matter solid, liquid, and gas.

Mechanism of Heat conduction in solids

In solids, heat is conducted due to lattice vibration and the flow of free electrons.

Lattice viberations in solids

Lattice vibration is defined as the periodic arrangement of molecules in the solid structure. As the solid molecules are closely packed with each other they are not allowed to move from their position.

If one side of Solid material is placed near a heat source or heated, the Kinetic energy of molecules in that side started increasing and molecules start to vibrate at their position.

Solid molecules at the High-temperature side vibrate violently as compare to another side which is at low temperature. Due to temperature difference, a wave is induced to conduct heat from High temperature to the low-temperature side.

Flow of free electrons in metals

As metals have a number of free electrons that flow from High temperature to the low-temperature side. Hence free electrons carry heat energy from one point to another along with their movement.

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